Adventures in Germany

Hmm... Because I'm lazy,we're looking at a possible weekly collumn. Possibly. If any.

Well, I can at least give you something ^_^.
Well, last monday, I arrived in germany. The flight lasted about 14 hours to get to Frankfurt (Read Frankfurt am Main). I got there at around 9:30 AM. Then I waited around untill 1:00, when I took a transfer flight to NEnberg, which is about 15 minutes (by car) to the house of the family I'm staying with, the Pröbstle family. Thier house is in the small city in which I used to live. It's East of Erlangen a little, and you can see erlangen on the map below.
Well, throught the first week, I slept in almost everyday, trying to get used to the time change. Sigh. Not much happened this last week... well, not really. On Thurday, I went to a nearby town called Ansbach, where Mr. Pröbstle works, at the University (Höchschule). Ther they had a couple of nice Churches, a Residence (Small, Palace thing# where a Kaizer once lived), and a really, really nice park. So, I wandered around that town for a while. Actually all day. 'Twas fun. Geramn TV is different than american. There is only one commercial break, and It's 7 minutes long. Lots of anime on TV here as well, like DBZ, Detecive Conan, DoReMi, Nadia (I think...) Escaflowne, Wedding Peach, Ranma, Dr. Slump, and a bunch of others. The networks also show anime movies, and other movies. Foreign shows are popular here, you can see just about any american sitcom dubbed in german. MTV is a lot like ours, and the shows that they show here and are popular, Tom Green, Jackass, and the Osbournes, are done with English Subtitles. Well, DoReMi starts in about 5 minutes- I think I'l try that today ^_^.

Bye ^_^ fin Entry one.