Piccies from Deutschland!

No thumbnails, but image explanations after each thingie ^_^

Don't EVER take piccies of yourself for amusement. Never.

Schloss Hlubuka (Castle Hlubuka) In the Czech Republic. On top of the Frauenberg Mountain, we biked all the way up ^_^

Freinds of Mine, the Lauers.

The Pröbstle Family, the Family which I stayed with. From left to right, Uschi (Top), Benni, Stefi, Basti, Günther, and Florian.

This is the flooding in the Czech Republik early on... Not too bad at this time. This picture was taken from the balcony off the house, but later, it was at the balcony, and really deep. I didn't take a picture at it one it was closer, though...

Benni Pröbstle, the youngest of the family.

A curch in the Czech Republic, where some of the Pröbstle family is buried... from older generations of their family.

Yay! on an airplane swing... ^______________________^
With Flörian...

This is us, on a day trip, before we biked through the flooded part of the road.

This is while we were biking through the flooded part of the road. As you can see, we were up to our pedals in water, and removed our shoes

This is the lower part of the place (cabin) we were staying at. Florian took this of me after I came out of the shower... Grrrrr...

In a dog cage.

A pretty sunset over the lake we were at.

Basti, Benni and Steffi, in a rubber boat on the lake in the Czech Republic.

Basti and Gipsy at the front porch of their house.

Part for the Pröbstle's garden... The entrace, I guess.

Steffi and Benni with Gipsy. Yeah. On the porch.

Flörian and Dominick. Domi is the one on the right... He's a friend of mine.

A picture of the Pröbstle House from out front. Their house is bigger than a typical german house, as most of them live in apartments our smaller houses. But this one is still smaller than our house ^_^

Basti. 'Nuff said.

This is the university in An where Gunther, or Mr. Pröbstle works. This is only a part of it, though.

This is a picture taken at the Ansbach Residential Gardens. The town was once a stop where the Caiser of Germany would stop, and therefore, has pretty gardens!

This is just another pic of the gardens.

Yet another