Hmmm... A failed attempt at making a *popular* site, this place will become a bloggish website from...

Current Obsesions:
Anime: RahXephon, Ceres, X TV, Heat Guy J, Vandread
Manga: Rave "Master"....... damn you tokyopop........
Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Book: Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai
CD: Metallica - St. Anger edit: the present: hahahahahahaha. I could be such an idiot sometimes..
Song: Gekkai no Yusaku - Malice Mizer (I know I spellt it wrong, so bite me)
Game: Final Fantasy VII


Yay! I'm 17..... since the 9th. The canoe trip was okay, I guess. I had a mile and a fourth long portage, which sucked ass, but otherwise, I read enough to keep my self busy. Anyway, I've been burying myself in playing FF7 as much as possible as well as watching the Anime DVDs I'm hording....... I'm almost done with Ayashi no Ceres. Heat Guy J is possibly the biggest surprise for me this year- I almost didn't buy it but it kicks too much ass to be ignored, so there. And Vandread's actually pretty good, I just wished I could find the DVDs somewhere close by. -.- Oh yeah, and the 4th RahXephon DVD kicks to major ass- the series just gets better and better. Well, keep waiting for my review stuff........... It'll probably get up faster after school starts......... in a week! Dear god...... well, anywhoo... keep on checking! Now that I'm getting some decent traffic I have motivation! Huzzah!


Geee... I've been slacking like a horrible person, so excuse me. I'm gonna be revamping stuff in the anime section, looking at shows in a review/esque way. Partial untill I will be able to finish the stuff I'm covering. Anyway, the ones primarially being constructed are features on X, Groove Adventures Rave, and RahXephon... so there. I am working... I've been busy, and next week I have the "hell trip" to the boundary waters........... sniff ya laters, jerks!


UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have decided to start something that may prove to be interesting...... OR NOT!!!!!! Anyway, in the Deli Section, I'm gonna start the "Super Fast Fast Review Pile" in which I will review just aboot anything very very quickly, with horrible spelling, and ranging from very little technical effort to plenty of it. Hell, I may even not half-ass my job with them, but you never know. And that might defeat the whole purpose. Actually, I'm thinking this up as I type, so it makes very little sense and is not thought up at all. I know! There will be a long section to called "Boring Wordy Long Reviews". And anyone is able to give me stuff to put up via the forum, K?Anyway, I should be thowing something up there later today, so keep thine pants on!


Sooo... I've decided to grace you with an update. Actually, no. Well, I changed the anime list, but that's all, K?


Well, today I had piano guild auditions, I managed to score a Superior in the Citywide Rankings... I'll find out the actual scores later. Just read the third chapter of 666 Satan and... could It be that I like it more than Kishimoto's own Naruto?!? Naw... only time will tell. ^_^ Gluhen is shaping up to be better than I expected... If you don't count the fact that the reason for aya still to be around in Weiß makes no sense whatsoever, and it's insanely slow, over simplified complex plot boggles me. Neato character designs and Animation make it great tho, the new Yohji design has grown on me... mabye because he's 200% cooler? Naw... Well, driving permit time tomorrow! Heh! You should be scared....


Gee, not much goin on... I'm starting my eagle project tomorrow... ^_^ And I'm gonna get me a CD player today! Whopeeeeee! Finally! My life of silence is over! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Well... and I've been watching a LOT of sealab... =P Nothing else...


Happy easter, I guess... I threw some stuff in the Deli section, more quizzes on monday, methinks. I got the funpics section up to, take a look. ^_^ Well, I finished Catcher in the Rye, and while it is a pretty good book, it made me mad at a lot of stuff, most namely the world and people. And I did get mad at the books crappy way of ranting about nothing in particular, and how unlikeable the main character is. Grrr... otherwise... eh... pretty good. I watched Some like it hot yesterday, and it's probably one of the most fun movies ever... For those of you who don't know about it, it's an old movie with a buncha hotshot actors in it (most recognizably Marylin Monroe... I know I spelled her name wrong), two of whom, the main fucks, accidentally see a mafia killing, and since they are out of money, join a girls jazz band, the only problem being that they aren't girls. ^_^ Anyway, they go to florida, and run around cross-dressing, and fun stuff happens. If ya ever get the chance to watch it, definetally do so, it's excellent. Well, anyway... I'd better get back to my beatles mix...


This update will contain shremp-ranting, so if you love that gay ass teacher-bitch, stop reading now. On to the lil rant. Today, he tried to teach us stuff about the Luftwaffe callin it the Luff t Wa ff le. Kinda like luffwaffle, but worse. Needless to say, the fuck is a moron, I'm soooo sick of being forced to learn anything from him. Gee... I did make up one of his tests too... all too easy, I say. When I miss a week of school I expect to feel as if I've flunked the test, not aced it... just goes to show what a dumbfuck he is. ^_^ He also has been trying to feed up propaganda: I'm going to refuse to watch any of his patriotic video crap. Hmm... on a lighter, less rantish note, I am now completely obsessed with RahXephon, a show that has interested me for over a year, since I saw an ad for it in Kadokawa Dragon Jr... and it's definetally living up to fulfilling my need for a deep AND new show over in Japan. Not to offend my enjoyment of Naruto, but lately the only interesting shows have been Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and X. X is kind of light thought-wise, but it's so amazing that it doesn't matter... and hey, it was written in the early 90'a so it has the 90's storywriting that I sooooo love. Well, I'd better go read Megatokyo, or Piro will smash my forum into a death deeper than that which allready exists... ^_^


Hmmm... I've been really sick, and not updating. Well, anyway, I'm alive again, with a nice little update for you: In the deli section. I threw in some FanArt, and Pictures from Germany... and stuff. Life is boring. I beat FF9 over the weekend, and must say that I am definetally a fan of the ending. I've been reading a lot, I finished the Garth Nix Sabriel series, with the awesome book Abhorsen. I also read The Ghost in the Teahouse, I am the Cheese, The Last Book in the Universe, and the Perks of Being a Wallflower, all good, with the exception of the EXCELLENT Perks of Being a Wallflower. Well, I've gotta go play FF7... bai! ^_^


Yay! Spring break! Well, this isn't really an update at all, just saying that I'll be gone untill the 30th... east coast. We're going to Niarga falls, then we'll putz around in the vicinity of Boston and Salem... yeah... fun... Today was a happy day, I found out I'm actually getting good grades this quarter... and stuff... too bad for Jen tho, she thinks she's gonna end up graduating next year... yeah... I gotta talk to her. I'm really addicted to Oni right now, even though it isn't *that* great... It's fun enough for me ^_^ Beating up bads guys is always fun... especially with hot Mokoto Kusanagi rip-offs!Well, anywhoo, gotta go...=P


I feel like crap. Litterally. My head will explode any second... I'm definetally sick... but who cares? Life must go on, in the form of Math Tests, Play Tryouts and stuff-ness. Yeah... updated my anime list again, and made some stuff more accesible. Nothing else... I gotta go drink some theraflu...


Hmmm... Yay! I woke up at 6 in the morning today to finish Love Hina and... GOOD SHIT! Hmmm... Well, I feel sorry, because I haven't played Star Ocean in well... ages now. Hmm... happy happy happy... I updated a bunch of links, and changed the piccy... It's going back to the Asuka ^_^ Well... whatever.


Not much today... I straightened out some stuff here, and added in the message board... just clicky on the Asuka pic! I also finally got Yuffie-chan and the Magical Girl Materia up again... heh. GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T. It's far to old to be considered Quality, new nelson writing... SOME of it is good I guess... well, it's my first fic. ^_^ Hmmm ^_^ OH! Sign the NEW guestbook at the door... I suppose you've seen my ad for it, haven't you. Art project due tomorrow. Heh. I'll work on it in class... that'll teach cummins to not try and make me do my homework at school. Gee, I have the most amusing Sub. in Myth and Legend. Last friday, she was an uber-nazi, but she's really loosened up... She keeps trying to feed troy and makes me study the dictionary. o.O Now I know some random stuff that I don't really care about. Heh.


Hmmm... I changed the sidebar a bit, got rid of the giffies that I love oh so fucking much. ^_^ HXH ALL THE WAY! Anywhoo... STARTED to add the Dnd pages... as you can see, they need some work ^_^. Well, that's aboot all...


Err... well, I updated my anime list, as I just got Excel Saga DVD 4 and Rave Vol. 1 recently... I think the fun piccies have been updated too. Hmm... this weekend was a waste... not really. I got lots of levelage in in Star Ocean ^_^ And I saw our skewls musical, Les Miserables... GOOD SHIT! Hmm... I dunno if I will goto dank's b-day party this weekend... I don't wanna pay 15 bucks for his party! No way... -.- Who wants to go and pay to go to someone's party? Not I, said the small, brown cow. Hmmm... QUIZ UPDATE TOO! Well, sorta... not many new additions to that quiz list now, are there. Humm dee dumm. Excel Saga disk 4 is making me happy... It OWNZ WAY over disc 3, the hated volume of the show... Well, anywho, nothing big... =P 'cept I might be getting the rest of Pretear! XD!


Wow... this is an actual update to the site's content. MSG board will be up soon, click on the giant Asuka face, or scroll to the bottomn, your choice. Also, in the Deli I've added a Fun Pics section with... fun piccies for your enjoyment. Hmmm... This morning I was at church, raising money for my eagle project. I guess you could say it was sucess full... I made $330 in donations. Mitsuwa tomorrow! Yay!


Yay! Mitsuwa on monday! I've still been playing SO:SS, wasting hours and hours leveling up... must get more levels...19 hours, 54 levels on my *main characters (Claude, Rena, Precis, Ashton)* and aboot 40 on the others.... Hmm... It looks like people are actually coming here, so I won't give up. I updated mine anime list, and I AM working on my fun piccies page... I've been clocking in plenty of time on ^_^


Gee... I just realized that I've been forgetting to update here... I'm sorry, but Star Ocean OWNS MY SOUL! I playes aboot 6-7 hours this weekend... in ONE SITTING! That's more than any other game... Sigh. Onto other stuff: My grades are finally being nice again ^_^ It looks like I really do understand the stuff that I say I don't... but I'm through one of my art block phases in art again. Cummins is trying to get people to sign up for art classes next year; otherwise he won't really have any! Noooo... Same thing with other elective teachers, I hear. Well, if you're bored you can go watch eva, in it's glorious butchered form on CN for me. I won't be watching it. Go to the Anime News Network in the links section if ya wanna see what they're pulling out o.O I hate CN more than ever now... but don't care! Fansubs and DVDs are the way for me! I have to make money over the weekend so I can waste it all at Mitsua on sunday... that it, if my mom let's me go. She will, since it's with a girl =P Oh! I made some banners for my site, and will start using other people's banners... it's in the links section. ^_^ Also, starting a site of the month on the top of this page... OOOH! Lookie! Go to here site! (Tho you probably came from there, if I didn't drag you in here). Anywhoo... gotta go play SO:EX! And go to ... must waste time...


Sigh. I got bored today, so a massive quiz update is in order! Go ahead, take some... you'll get addicted. I'm doing better in American History, as I have decided that my hate for Shremp will stay- but I need to do good so that he doesn't ruin my life. Gonna go play Bof$ or Star Ocean today... I feel like a game... The choir concert last night wasn't to great... all of the music everyone did wasn't that great, tho not bad. Anywhoo... nothing much, a very mundane day. Makes me wonder why I'm updating here anyway...


See, I told ya I'd get on before Tuesday... I'm supposed to be doing another Myth and Legend project at the library right now, but I happened to forget my sheet with who I had to write about ^_^ I'm gonna do Pan and Athena, and random notes on other stuff, in case those don't work. I've been looking into .hack//sign lately, and It sounds like my kind of show, I'll give the 1st DVD a try when I get some money =P On Saturday, I got another level for Lucifer in Dungeons and Dragons... Level 7! I have no clue what people did yesterday at luke's... If it was DnD, noone got any xp anyway, since I wasn't there to bug P-chan for Violence... o.O Well... I was gonna put my DnD pages up today, but I forgot to. ^_^ I have way to much homework... ::must do art project::... and I never did get to sign up for Ragnarok... I'm gonna wait till the march beta period to wast 10 bucks. I was gonna rant aboot something else, but I forgot to... silly me. Well... whatever.


Oooh... Happy Valentines day, my lonely self =P Well, my day, has been ruined by a rumor/true thingie... well, I HOPE it is a rumor. It is said on the Toonami online Schedule that the Kenshin TV Series will be shown on cartoon network at 6:30EST, starting March 17. Here is the link... But it pisses me off. Kenshin, the excellent show that it is, will have it's fun ruined by mainstream-izing it, and slapping it onto TV so dubbies can love it. So far, I only see the first 10 eps showing... but It'll probably go farther. Damn it to hell. There goes another perfectly reputable good show... which I probably won't pursue anymore since it will be glomped by dubbies... -.- My CD player broke down yesterday, so now I go to school soul-less... noooooo.... And also, my lazy, retarded, home-schooled brother has taken up a habit of drawing all over my anime stuff, ruining all of my prized things in my room, of which my parents do not care about! DAMN THEM ALL! Time for me to throw around his porn stash again... =P Well, I probably won't get back to updated over for this magical 3 day weekend I am gifted with, as I'm banned till tuesday, when it's over. And yet, I still need to sign up for Ragnarok before the 21st! o.O All of this may be irrelevant, tho, as I find ways to get on when I'm not supposed to.


Hmm... Nothing much in the form of anything... I hate some people, tho. Stupid Petrie's been sick the last couple of days leaving me all alone in P.E., to do Bikes by myself. 'Cmon Petrie... Well... g2g


DAMNATION! Because I let my brother check his email on sunday, I'm banned from this PC till next Tuesday... I'm going to have to make all of my 'lil, insignificant updates from school. Lately, I've been feeling confident about my Artwork again, and Designing all the other Characters for a ::secret:: Lucifer-starring Manga project, which will not be Lucifer A-trip... It'll probably just be a short story, 33+ pages of violence and plot... I'm planning both of those out now. I'll give ya a hint: It is related/based on a future DnD game I wish to Run... ^_^ Fun-ness, for my Hack-and-Slash hungry friends... and It will have a better complex than most of our hack and slashes, which tho they are by the same guy (P-chan) REALLY are much lower in quality than his pure role-playing adventures, which he loves to do, but we get sick of, since there is very little EXP involved!

Oh! Two fun little Piccies I found... I'll be nice to the 56kers... You may have to right clickkey and hit Show Picture...
Picture 1
Picture 2*Notice his Book
Emjoy. ^_^ Well... gotta go watch Utena... =P Bai!


*Sigh. I got bored a little while ago, and my quiz page is growing like hell =P I don't really know what to do... I finished my Myth and Legend project today, and man, that sucked. I had to find 38 to many words and pretend to know what their roots in greek myth. Err... right. At least I like the subject, but I keep reading ahead to norse myth. Freya's kewl... a fun little zombie loving goddes of Love! Well... whatever... It's 9:00 and my mom is screaming at me to get off.


Current Faves: Ghost in the Shell TV, X, Utena, Angelic Layer, MARS

Er... well, I'm finally coming out of hiding here, and posting an update again. Well... Nothing much new, some stuff has been updated, and I should be adding DnD pages soo... OH! Well, I did add some Quiz Results... =P Now, excuse me, I gotta go download more Ghost in the Shell... =P (And buy more Excel/X, WATCH UTENA! ^_^)


YAY! In case you haven't heard, my DSL comes this wednesday! I got some new anime over the weekend, the second X TV DVD, and a Groove Adventure Rave HK DVD ^_^. X is getting better and better... duh. More characters! ^_^ Well, at least it means that my little genderless Nataku get's more screentime. Yeah... You may ask why I'm so obsessed with a character so devoid of personality and so lacking in prescence? I say: Why not? Nataku does look pretty sweet, and yeah... I'll shup up now. My Lucifer pages are getting all kinds of work done on them, something I'm happy for. Well, that's all for now! Bye!


Well... not as much of an update as that I'm letting all of those imaginary frequent visitors the chance to take a peek at my Mousetrap Powered Car Project! Not like it intrests you, my fake little freinds... but here it is. Well, gotta go... It's too late right now. OH! BIGGIE NEWS! ^_^ I'm actually getting DSL Yay yay yay! On the 22nd of this much... expect even more BS updates then!
And don't worry, if you check here... I'll start believing im my imaginary visitors when I start getting traffic!


Gee... I'm getting a bunch of new anime soon, so random anime pages will be created. I'm in the process of scanning some origional art and fanart, but it's going very slowly... Finals, once again next week. I gotta go pester Troy for Bloodlust now... cia!


No big update at all today... not like I update much anyway. ^_^ Well, I am getting to work on Lucifer A-trip... ^_^ Anywhoo, I may not update for a while since finals are coming up next week, and I'm in a mad study study study mode right now.


Wow! Yet another update for the people who never check out my site! Well, I added 2 new anime thingies, and uploaded an old fanfic! Enjoy! (Also, random updates all over the place...)


Happy new years, everyone! (And Christmas too, I guess). Gee... it has actually been TWO WHOLE YEARS since I've had a decent website... I just need to add piles and piles of stuff. ^_^ Well, I have a couple of new anime pages in the works, and even a little shrine ^_^ Well, keep checking back to see what crap I come up with next!


I finished most of my rennovations... just minor stuff ^_^ Oh! I'm going to be adding a couple of anime pages, and start posting a new story soon. I'm almost done with the first chapter. ^_^


Gee... like anyone really goes here. Well, I AM remodeling the site a little, nothing to do so work is starting. ^_^ Nothing MAJORLY new... ^_^


Well... If you're reading this, I've finished moving from the old lair... ^_^
As a note, I may or may not put more Changeling stuff here, but the old board should still be intact, at the location in the last update.

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