To Whom It May Concern:

Hi! This is Nelson Bland from Boy Scout Troop 164. I'm excited about the Eagle Scout project that I'm planning in the community! I'm going to be building a Storage Shed for the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake's Performing Arts Ministries, and I need your help to make this project happen.

I need donations toward this project before I can build. I'm hoping I can count of your business to give me financial aid in this endeavor. I hope to begin construction this Fall, as soon as possible, and need to raise around $1,570. Any amount the you could help me with would be greatly appreciated, and would be Tax Deductible. Donations will be recognized within the church and community. I look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your consideration of this project! My contact information is listed below, including my e-mail.


Nelson Bland
636 Lochwood Dr.
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
(815) 455-6910