This is the first, and only (unless you count the Uklocke's and Freinds Yahoo! Group) website dedicated to one of our ::the group's:: DnD characters, most namely MINE, Lucifer, Master of Chaos ^_^. Well, I decided to make this site because it seemed to be a good Idea at the time, the validity of that statement, though, is questionable. So, here you can find a bunch of random stuff on Lucifer, my psycho teenage monk!

*Note- Struck out sections are not in existence yet

Who is this Badass Guy Anyway?
Who the hell would hang around with lucifer?
Where has Lucifer been? Where has eveyone else been when lucifer wan't there?
Will I let you look at pathetic artwork featuring Lucifer? OF COURSE!

Other Crap! ^_^
Who is in ::the Group?::