A 2002 Anime series, still running in japan (Episode 13 just cam out, and it'll probably keep running a long time. It is based on the long and still going manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, and started in america in Shonen Jump Issue 2. The manga spans over 14 volumes allready, and is very popular.

Tee hee... I distorted the logo! ^_^ Well, Naruto is an EXCELLENT *new* anime series based on the manga written by Masashi Kishimoto tells the stoy of Uzumaki Naruto, Shinobi or Ninja student in Konohagakure (or Konomaharu) Village. He just happens to be the Nine-Tailed-Fox which terrorized the village years before he was born. That fox was sealed into his belly button by the Fourth Hokage, one of the ninja masters of the village. Well, since the incident of the sealing, which Naruto is not allowed to find out about, Naruto has been alienated, as the bad student he is. The Anime and Manga start the same way, with Naruto's finals to become a Shinobi in training, where he learns who he really is and steals the sealing scroll, which he learns a techneque from.

I've only seen the first 3 episodes in the series, and read some of the manga (thank god for Toriyama World and now Shonen Jump USA!), and the Anime is really fun, full of entertaining humor, action and a bit of plot too. Both have excellent artwork, the TV show is digitally drawn (I think), and the manga artwork is really good. Music fits the show very well, tho I don't really like the Opening theme that much... the ending is good to, if you can stand japanese people singing entire songs in english. Highly reccomended!

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