HTML> Escaflowne Escaflowne is a Medival Mecha Shojo anime, taking place on a world called Gaea. In the beginning, Hitomi Kanzaki, 15, is racing down her school track, trying to make it in one minute, so so she can get her first kiss. While running the track, a pillar of light come out of the sky and a young man dressed in armor appears. Then a dragon lunges out of the bushes, and the young man, Van Fanel fights with it, until he cuts it open and takes out the Energist, through which dragons breathe fire. The pillar of light returns, but this time, hitomi is caught up and taken in the beam with Van. She is transported to Gaea, and they travel to Fanelia, where Van is crowned for completing the task of dragon slaying. When the city begins to celebrate, Fanalia is attcke by the Zaibach empire. Van takes the Escaflowne, a Guymelef, a Giant Mecha, and flees with Hitomi, who he promises to someday get back to earth.
Well, I think esca's absolutely the greatest. Not to diss eva, but ah, well, I thought while it was great, it was a little to Hyped up. ^_~ (Plus, I didn't like the ending that much...)