OTHER Characters

-From lucifer's perspective, mind you!


First, the leader and Official mascot ouf the game, shall be Uklocke the Barbarian. Not because he is Lucifer's favorite, but because he would beat Lucifer up for it. And that would not be fun, considering Uklocke is the most powerful character in the game with lucifer.

Well, Uklocke is Lucifer's *master*. I say this because in the first Adventure, Lucifer made the mistake (Charmed by Ellenia, of course =P) of stealing Uklocke's bag of heads. Actually, first I should tell you about the history of Uklocke. Uklocke has been around for a long long time, pretty much ever since our first Major campaign, which was ended when the plots became to convoluted and serious (And it also seemed like Appocalpse was going to be happening every week ^_^). Well, Uklocke (And Freinds, Alexiel/Sora, Kain, Sandra/Jem, Jade and Tony's Pathetic Cleric... the Name escapes me as of now ^_^) Had managed to become Mayor of a town. Before this, Uklocke had started a hobby- collecting the heads of his dead foes in a sack of head holding. Uklocke has numerous heads, and is proud of each and every one of them. When the great scourge of charater resets came, Uklocke survived my a Unanimous vote of essentiality. Well, back to Lucifer's relationship with him. As I was saying, Lucifer *accidentally* stole Uklocke's bag of heads. This made Uklocke mad, about 15 minutes later, when they were found to be missing. The next couple hours of gameplay consisted of Uklocke threatening and intimidating and entire village in seach of the heads. Later on, Uklocke managed to find Lucifer in a forest, and almost killed him, before Lucifer pledged his life to Uklocke. That's how Lucifer became Uklocke's er... well, Uklocke would say servent boy but lucifer prefers the term indentured student because eventually, Lucifer will find away to break their contract. Well, so Lucifer basically follows Uklocke around, and they both share their affection of beer and killing, so they make a pretty good team, though they argue all of the time.


I guess next I'll have Amon, the mysterious (::smack::)- errr outgoing Elf ranger. To sum up all of Amon, I'll have to quote lukes (THANK YOU- LEGOLAS) because, unintentionally, Amon does act a lot like that particular LOTR Elf. Amon's main quirk is that he is supposed to be outgoing and silly (well, he does drink quite a bit... when troy feels like roleplaying him true to character)... but usually isn't. He, to compete with Uklocke, also collects heads for no apparant reason (but only of those he deems worthy- yeah right ^_^). It may seem like I am dissing Amon, but... well, Lucifer doesn't like him too much (though way better than Ellenia or Holy-boy), but he does kick some serious booty, with his cheapo-but-legal bow, and nifty ranger stuff. ^_^ Amon, for no reason at all, is part of the Adventuring Party, though he has no real reason (much like Ellenia and Holy-boy) to run around on Uklocke'sAdventures be. Him and Lucifer have had a couple of clashes, such as in the recent adventure when he threatened to kill my precious little monk (over a theived Jewel, no less). Well, I can't think of anything else to say... I'll probably change a bunch of stuff when troy bitches at me about doing Injustice to Amon. ^_^

Well, that's all for now... check back some other time for Ellenia and Holy-boy's pages...