Fanfiction and other creepy written stuff (and ART!)will be posted here. Now with my bad old stuff!


A CG done of Lucifer. Crap, but it's on my PC. ^_^
Adrawing of Naruto-kun that I like quite much.

Adventures in Germany

First Week's Collumn

Mine pictures from Deutschland, with little explanations.

Essays and Stuff

Yeah... that's right. Essays and school stuff I felt like putting up here. Most of it will be on Myth and Legend stuff tho... but ya never kno!

Norse Creation and Destruction! Part of a massive reporty Mr. Mooky and I are working on about Norse Myth... WRITTEN BY MOI! Hmmm... I kill them with my spoon...


Chapter One
A pathetic attempt to continue esca... I wrote it ages ago, but just found it again recently. ^_^

Magical Girl Yuffie-chan

Click on Yuffie for Chapter One ^_^ Up again... Yay! I just realized how bad it really is... I might rewrite it sometime... and ADD MORE! If I get enought err... stuff about it.

The Adventures of Frinkie

Chapter One Well, Well... I found this on my PC, and decided to let you see my 12 year old writing habits... Soo crappy...